Where am I? (gallery)

Hi. If you're here i've either given you a link (yay you.) or you found the secret link in my discord's rich presence. Welcome! Not a lot of people have seen my art, and i dont really like showing ALL of it. Sometimes ill show off "oh hey i love feet, check out this drawing of feet haha." or something like that. But people always ask Can i SeE moRE. I realised i dont have a gallery for ANY of my 2d art, and my 3d art is on external websites. So im going to work on this html for a while untill im happy with it. Dont expect constant updates though, and welcome again.

Feel free to navigate the site using these buttons!

What do you like drawing?

Generally i just draw my fantasies/fetishes. Like, you'll probably see a lot of straight shota and feet. Sometimes i draw stuff i want to model as well, or just general "character art" which i hate saying, because 2d sure i like to draw characters. But 3d, i fucking hate it. currently i think this will be 2d only, and 3d will be on a different part of the site. Because my 2d art is real lewd, unlike my 3d art. Also no, I Dont currently accept any commissions! I've said this so much but people KEEP ASKING. Like, how? why? Anyway, basicly bunny's a huge pervert.