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Hi! im not very talkative so sorry if i dont get back to you, or accept your friend request in a short time. The fastest way to contact me is probably on discord. Please join my server below before trying to DM me, as i dont talk to account's with no mutural servers or friends. Also, reguarding elf.software invites or applying for a job at tachibana laboratories. Don't bother. (Maybe in the future! :D)

I am Arbella, Bunny or Skye. Whatever you're happy with calling me is fine. My best friend's are called Sheska and Lilith and are practically apart of me too. I currently do 2d art as well as 3d modelling, texturing and level design. Im also working on a RTS project called Nevarare, however due to the scope and scale of the project i do other smaller projects on the side. I dont do programming contract work, sorry in advanced. I dont do open contract work for 2d art; my 3d artwork however is open for contracting! Although, i dont believe my skills are at an acceptable level.

Bunny Lilith Sheska (MIA) art portfolio discord youtube

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Hi. First of all, Tachibana welcome's you again to bunny's terminal and thank's you for visiting! Tachibana Laboratories is a small online software company. However simply saying we do software dosn't really do what we can do justice. Almost all of our members are expert's in software development with skills ranging from kernel mode drivers, completely disabling software and creating AI intergrated assistance tools to more artistic experiences with tools such as blender and unreal engine. Tachibana as a company can create software's, video games and even 3d/2d art. If you're an existing user, please use the login panel below. The other to links are sites made by Tachibana associates and we encourage a visist!

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